L&C Fisheries, along with our aquaculture partners, both in Mussels and Oysters, are committed to the principals of sustainability.

Water quality is an extremely important element. We take every measure to protect this valuable resource, ensuring our own practices are sustainable. We also participate in forums with Government agencies to protect our waters from influences outside of Aquaculture.

We have long realized the importance of monitoring the products we produce to ensure reasonable growth within an annual cycle. Good growth is a strong indicator that the food levels within the estuary are sufficient to sustain the activities.

We are continuously looking to reduce wastes. Inorganic wastes are a high cost and we look for new materials to reduce this impact. The organic wastes are utilized by local farmers who use this natural product to improve their land.

We will continue to monitor our practices, compare ourselves to others, both inside and outside our industry; and strive to be leaders to ensure the future.